Top Travel Tips for ANY Destination

Travel tips for ANY destination:

For every destination, there are numerous tips and things to keep in mind. For every destination, however, some of these are universal ideas. Over the years of backpacking and hitting multiple countries at a time, these are a few things I find myself doing no matter where I’m headed.


Get suggestions from other travelers

New friends bonding over beers and spring rolls.

When you bond over a beer with new friends you made on tours or at your hostel, make note of the fun places they’ve been. Recent, firsthand experience via word-of-mouth is the best review you can get.


Keep a travel journal

Travel journals and postcards go best with iced coffee. Travel tips for any destination

Writing down your adventures, by hand or electronically, is critical to remembering your travels. You may think you’ll never forget that amazing din sum place, your new friend’s name, or that secret beach location, but within a few days (or hours) everything starts blending together. Even just writing down dates, locations, and names of people can help keep accurate memories.


Research local scams

The infamous tuk tuks of Thailand that are expensive if you're not careful.

Whether it’s the Tuktuk scams in Bangkok, the “real” jewelry scams in Vietnam, or the shell/cup game in Paris, scams are everywhere in the world. Many scams are universal and found all over, but some are specific to a certain location. Do your research ahead of time so you don’t get suckered into something.


Get those travel apps

Travel apps make journeys a breeze! Any destination

Today’s age of technology has made traveling a breeze with countless travel apps. Whether you need help translating, converting, navigating, booking, or editing pictures, there’s a travel app for that. Find out more here.


Find out the time difference

Big Ben is still one of the most amazing timepieces you have to see. London, UK

Some people frequently forget to take time differences into account when traveling. Luckily, most technology adjusts this automatically, but nothing’s worse than missing a flight because you forgot to set your watch. For the local time of any destination, click here.


Utilize your Maps and GPS

Want to visit and visited places pinned on my map.

Besides using map apps to find your destinations, use the tools within the app (like saving or pinning a location) to help keep track of places. If I find a new place I want to go, I just pin it on my map under “Places I want to go” (creative, I know) and then I can just glance at my map to make a plan.


Get travel insurance 

A busy crossstreet in Bangkok's China Town. Pedestrians beware. Top 20 Things Learned living in Thailand

A frequent oversight by many travelers, but sadly it’s also a very expensive oversight. While it may seem unnecessary at the time, you’ll be so happy you got it if you ever need it. Do your research and comparisons to make sure it fits your specific needs. Read more about that here.


Learn key phrases in the local language

Just a few basic phrases go a long way in foreign countries.

I may not become fluent before I travel but there are a few things I try to learn for every place I go. Locals appreciate the effort and you just look cool.

  • Hello.
  • Thank you.
  • How much?
  • Yes/no
  • No thank you. (For the people trying to sell you things)
  • That’s delicious! (Cooks/servers love this)
  • That’s beautiful! (Artisans/shop keepers love this)
  • Cheers! (Friends love this)


Research local customs and taboos

Monks chanting during prayer time in Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s always awkward when you realize an innocent action is very rude and offensive to the locals. Finding out ahead of time that certain motions, words, clothing or actions are not a good idea will make for smoother interactions during travel.


Extra batteries, SD cards, and power banks

Spare SD cards and batteries are essential during travel.

Running out of batteries or memory space as you’re about to do that once-in-a-lifetime thing is devastating. Coughing up the money to buy extra SD cards or batteries or investing in a power bank could help capture those special moments and prevent emotional meltdowns.


Find out local visa regulations early

Headed off to another adventure view from my airplane window. Traveltips for any destination

Learning about the visa you need that takes 3 days to get the day before your arrival is not helpful. Some countries allow for “visa on arrival” that you can order online (watch for scams by researching the company) but others require a trip to the embassy in advance, which can take a few days. Prepare well in advance to account for any discrepancies or issues.


Get the right plugs and voltage

Gotta have the right adapters and converters on the road. www.knowntoventure.comEvery country has specific electrical sockets and voltage. Buying adapters and converters ahead of time is nice, although many times you can purchase them upon arrival. Don’t count on finding these easily, however. For the voltage of any destination, go here.


Note the location of your hostel/hotel before departure

Screenshots of your route to your hostel is a lifesaver in times of no Wi-Fi. Map of Chiang Mai

Assuming you can get Wi-Fi to access you maps and emails when you arrive at your new destination could lead to lots of stress and frustration. Getting directions from the airport/train station directly to your accommodations is so nice to have. Screenshots of maps, the hotel’s name and address in the local language, and an idea of proper taxi fare is a life saver.



Learn the local emergency numbers and embassy locations

A mounted policeman in London.

Googling numbers for the police or fire station at the time of an emergency may not be so easy. Finding this out ahead of time will be priceless should the need arise, heaven forbid. Writing down the info and keeping it in a few places could come in handy.



My view on a road trip through Flagstaff, Arizona

Despite all of the planning travelers do ahead of time, there’s always something that pops up that you didn’t plan for. Always. That’s the great thing about travel, exploring the unknown! Right? But you can be mostly prepared, which makes for less stress and more fun!

If you have some other great ideas for visiting any destination, add them in the comments below!

Happy travels! 

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