The Day I Walked into Mexico

The Best Way to Visit Mexico for a Day

Before I moved away from San Diego, I had to see Mexico, it was only 15 minutes away! Sadly, Mexico hasn’t been high on the list of safest countries. Many of my friends were too nervous to cross the border but I didn’t let that hold me back. A wonderful friend of mine, Holly, travels to Mexico frequently so she was totally game.


Last USA exit before Mexican Border Mexico


A frequent issue in Mexico is carjacking so we decided to leave our cars in the US, especially since our vehicles were pretty new. We took the I-5 south, parked just outside the border in San Ysidro, CA and followed the signs to the border crossing.


Pedestrian entrance to Mexico Does the sign suggest moonwalking?

Walking into Mexico

Walking in was a breeze, with no line in sight. Once we left the Customs office, we looked for a taxi waiting outside and bargained with a driver (a 30 minute drive for $25). Holly and I were not in the mood for Tijuana and its rowdy reputation so we headed to Rosarito, along the coast of Baja California, Mexico.


El Nido Cantina in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Down to Rosarito

The 30 minute drive down the Baja California coast provided beautiful ocean views as well as a peek into small towns along the way. Once we arrived in Rosarito, we found El Nido Restaurant where we hastened to the bar for a genuine margarita and some delicious burritos.


Exploring the Rosarita Street Market


Next, we wandered about the town, winding through the street markets full of art, souvenirs, and trinkets. We chatted and bartered with the shop owners, using what little I remembered from my Spanish classes in high school. Once we had our fill of the market, we made our way over to the beach, following the sound of dance music thumping out of the speakers of the beach party tents.


Taking it easy on Rosarito beach


The beach was packed with tourists and locals alike, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and cool waves lapping at their ankles. After we strolled along the beach, we found a nice place for one more marg and sat down to people-watch. It was hard to understand the nervousness many people had about Mexico, as we had met many lovely, helpful people and had an all around great time.


Beachside margaritas in Rosarita, Baja California, Mexico

Back to the USA

We returned to the Tijuana Border Crossing via taxi ($30) and joined the long line of people waiting to cross back over into the States. As expected, it took much longer to get through customs but the building was nice and the officers seemed quite organized.


This way to USA from Tijuana, Mexico


Mexico was wonderful and my friend and I were able to enjoy a few hours in another country. I hope more people can feel inspired to check out Mexico. We should always research and find out the current situation in a place before we go somewhere, but with a little preparation and common sense, you too can enjoy Baja California!


¡Adiós mis amigos!

The Day I Walked into Mexico Known to Venture

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