Lose Yourself to Travel: Embracing Adventure and the Unexpected!

Lose Yourself to Travel

Balboa Prado San Diego, CA Lose yourself to travel! www.Knowntoventure.comHello there!

I am so excited to begin this journey and present my first post! I believe the greatest thing people can do is go out and experience (not just see) the world around them, whether that is the Tuscan country side, the Amazon rain forest, or a hole-in-the-wall place in your hometown. Connecting with people and learning of their experiences have been some of the most noteworthy points of my life. Starting a blog about these experiences seemed like the obvious move.

In fact, two sentences into this post, an older gentleman with a backpack slung over his shoulder came up to my café table where I was sitting in a San Diego park, and asked where he could find an outlet for his charger. He introduced himself as Vasili and we struck up a conversation where I found out he was a fellow traveler who just came from Greece and was headed to Mexico.Balboa Office Desk Lose yourself to travel! www.knowntoventure.com

We talked about cell phones and technology and how, as a former English teacher, he still prefers writing with pen and paper. He told me about his house boat in Mexico and how if he didn’t like his neighbors, he’d just move. We discussed the nuances of the Catalan language in Barcelona, and the fall colors in Aspen, Colorado.

We discussed proper running methods and about the Tarahumara people who are some of the fastest people in the world. I mentioned that I was about to go do yoga in the park and found out he meditates and does yoga every day. He then proceeded to lead me through a seated meditation right in the middle of the busy Prado plaza of Balboa Park. We ended the moment by sharing his last piece of Toblerone chocolate (a more delicious version of breaking bread).

A fellow traveler - Balboa Park Lose yourself to travel! knowntoventure.comI actually got a little misty-eyed when he walked away because I was truly touched and couldn’t have dreamed up a better example of what it means to travel. When he first approached me, I was a little apprehensive. If I had brushed him off instead of starting a conversation I would have missed out on a fantastic exchange. I could have played it safe and just stayed home, watched Netflix and had a great time, but getting out there and having these encounters are what makes life worth living.

That’s what I mean by “lose yourself to travel”. Let go of your fears and preconceived notions and open yourself up for the unexpected experiences and adventure the universe will throw your way. This is why I wanted to start this blog, to create a place where travelers can exchange tales over the web and be inspired to venture out to new places.

Happy Travels!

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