Lose Yourself to England: An English Itinerary

My English Itinerary:

It’s hard to match the history, sights, pubs, and rolling countryside of the U.K. If you want a proper yet speedy budget trip through England, here is my English itinerary on how I managed to see this beautiful country in just 5 days!

Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom www.knowntoventure.com

Day One

  • Bus to Bath, England from Bristol, England (see my Bath trip here)
  • St. Mary’s Churchyard – Stumbled upon this beautiful place while wandering around lost.
  • Check in at hostel – Bath YMCA
  • Internet Cafe – I needed to backup all of my pictures of my Dublin trip
  • Window Shopping through streets of Bath
  • Putney Bridge
  • Bath Pub for dinner and a pint


Bath, England Pulteney Bridge www.knowntoventure.com

Day Two

  • Free Hostel breakfast – on a budget, you can’t pass up free food!
  • Bus to London, England – about 2 hoursFish and Chips, London, England www.knowntoventure.com
  • Check in at hostel – Astor Victoria
  • Fish and Chips – the quintessential meal of England
  • London Gone Wild Pub Crawl – nothing like the American version, but a phenomenal pub crawl!


Big Ben, London England www.knowntoventure.com

Day Three

  • Free Hostel Breakfast – coffee, toast and cereal
  • Tube/Bus – Figuring out the Tube system was a little daunting at first but we conquered it!
  • British Museum – this is where I learned what it meant to stand in a long “queue”
  • Punjab Indian Food – when I asked the hostel where I could eat authentic British food, they pointed me here.
  • Jack the Ripper Tour – an entertaining and creepy walking tour that was a fun break from the usual tours.

British Museum, London England www.knowntoventure.com

Day Four

  • Cafe breakfast
  • Stonehenge Tour – morning bus from London
  • Portobello Road Market – a must-see for any Bed Knobs and Broomsticks fans
  • Portobello vendor food – baguette sandwich
  • Grocery Store – found out about Nutella
  • Dinner at Hostel – shared Nutella and cider beer with new friends at hostel


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom www.knowntoventure.com English Itinerary

Day Five

  • Breakfast at Hostel
  • Free Walking Tour:
    • Big Ben
    • Westminster Abbey
    • Buckingham Palace
    • London Bridge
    • Tower Bridge
    • Pub lunch (£6 for a tour, burger, and beer) at Bar Soho
  • Chunnel to Paris, France

Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom www.knowntoventure.com


Where to Stay:


Astor Victoria

When to Visit:

Peak Season – July and August have the most daylight hours and best weather but big crowds and high prices.

Shoulder Season – May and June, September and early October still have pretty good weather and shorter days but less people and lower costs to contend with.

What to Pack:

Besides the typical items you would bring to Europe, I was very glad I had an umbrella, a poncho, warm layers, and comfortable shoes. It rained like crazy while I was out there and the evenings got chilly.

How to Get Around:The Underground or Tube, London, England www.knowntoventure.com

England’s transportation system is fantastic, despite driving on the wrong side of the road! I walked and utilized the public system, including the buses and the Underground system in London. The rechargeable Oyster Card is a must-have and can be used for just about every mode of transportation in London. We found a very helpful person at the Information Desk in the train depot who explained how it works and gave us a handy map and schedule.

Currency: The British Pound Sterling (£)


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