One Day in Bath, England: A Hidden Gem

Bath, England in One Day:

While I was planning the general itinerary for my Euro Trip, I asked my British friend, Ben, where I should go while I was in the U.K. He suggested Bath, England, a place I had never heard of before, saying it was a gorgeous little town in the southwestern corner of the country. When I arrived, I was really stunned with the beauty and fairy tale-like feel of the town. We stayed in the Bath YMCA Hostel, with a fantastic view of Bath through our window. It was in easy walking distance to all of the sights of the little town.

Bath, England


St Mary’s Churchyard

After we got off the plane in Bristol, we took a bus to Bath, England. We got off the bus and wandered all over the town looking for our hostel. We had yet to learn about preparing a map of the area before we arrived. We stumbled upon an amazing Churchyard along the way. The old Anglican Mortuary Chapel was gorgeous and we enjoyed checking out the Smallcombe Cemetery with the moss-covered headstones and colorful wildflowers growing everywhere.

St Mary's Churchyard, Bath, England


 Bath Abbey

One landmark that made it easy for us to find our bearings in the winding cobbled roads was the stunning Gothic Bath Abbey, aka the Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. You can’t miss the striking golden color of the Bath stone, which is found all over the city.

Bath England Photo by Jessie Bender of


Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge itself is beautiful, spanning the River Anon as it intersects Great Pulteney Street. The bridge is lined with shops and cafes and has a wonderful view as it overlooks the weir and waterfall below.

Bath, England Pulteney Bridge


Parade Gardens

Just to the side of the Pulteney Bridge is a lovely garden filled with lush flower beds and statues. It’s a perfect location for a picnic or a Sunday stroll, if you’re into that sort of thing. We were perfectly content viewing the gardens from above as we made our way through the city center.

Parade Gardens in Bath, England


Bath Guildhall Market

A fun little market in the town is the Bath Guildhall Market, halfway between Bath Abbey and the Pulteney Bridge. While searching for something to eat, we discovered the market, filled with stalls of a random variety of items. Booths full of electronics, books, toys, fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, and countless British souvenirs. As a one time manager of a pet store, the stall full of pet supplies was my favorite, with all of the unusual and bizarre toys and foods.

Bath Guildhall Market, Bath, England


Bath, England

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Bath Abbey: 51.381481, -2.358735
Pulteney Bridge: 51.383130, -2.357623
St. Mary\'s Churchyard: 51.387715, -2.354384
Parade Gardens: 51.381622, -2.357211
Bath Guildhall Market: 51.382395, -2.358723
Bath YMCA Hostel: 51.385112, -2.360014
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